The world consumes so much of Africa’s wildlife and natural history yet there is no permanent platform in Africa for filmmakers, conservationists and scientists to engage, network and contribute towards a shared vision of protecting the earths’ natural assets for future generations.

Importantly there is also a critical need for Africa to expose the world to the wealth of Africa’s stories, wonders and natural history in addition to its wildlife, told this time around from unique African perspectives by Africans.

There exists a perception that due to the socio economic challenges faced by many in Africa, conservation and the protection of the natural world is not high on the list priorities of African’s.

In order to respond to these challenges Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers (NEWF) was born and continues to grow as an all-year development & outreach organisation dedicated to creating impactful change through partnerships between filmmakers and conservation science communicators.

Our Aims & Objectives:

  • CREATE a path to conservation through film
  • CELEBRATE Africa and South Africa’s natural history heritage through the recognition and exhibition of the work of the continent’s natural history filmmakers and photographers.
  • INSPIRE discussion driven by natural resource conservation within the African context by encouraging African stories from unique African perspectives.
  • BUILD a permanent platform in Africa for the convergence of nature, environment, wildlife and adventure conservation filmmakers, photographers, scientists and conservationists.
  • DISCOVER the next generation of nature, environment, wildlife and adventure conservation filmmakers and contribute towards transformation through developmental programmes aimed at enriching the industry with an increased pool of diverse content creators.
  • ADVANCE awareness and public understanding of the natural environment, particularly the need for its protection, through the power of film and its  associated mediums.
  • PROMOTE outstanding environmental, conservation, wildlife and adventure conservation films from professional, aspiring and student filmmakers.
  • SHARE expertise among professional and aspiring filmmakers and refine production techniques.

Our three main Programmes:

THE NEWF CONGRESS is Africa’s premiere destination for the convergence of nature, environment wildlife and adventure conservation filmmakers, scientists, conservationists and media.

THE NEWF DEVELOPMENT FUND is designed to discover and boost the next generation of nature, environment, wildlife and adventure conservation filmmakers by providing access to funding, training and mentorship.

NEWF COMMUNITY CINEMA advances community outreach & inspires an affinity for the natural world through community screenings  & job creation as “we cannot save what we cannot see”.


NEWF | designed for passionate, like-minded yet original filmmakers around the world to forge new relationships, build on those already formed, innovate and move towards further development in natural history content creation using Africa as the key landmark.  NEWF aims to inspire African filmmakers to bring life to their stories through film, the celebrations, binding connections and plight of our nature, environment and wildlife and ultimately distribute these stories to film festivals and broadcasters world over.

We cannot do the work we do without the support of partnerships with visionary companies and individuals with a passion for the natural world and dedicated to transform both the conservation and wildlife filmmaking landscape in Africa.

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