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Climate Resilient Communities

Climate change is a significant challenge for all our community partners and so we are actively pursuing projects that will improve the ability of these communities to respond to the changes they are being faced with. Interventions include localised climate-wise agriculture and small-scale water harvesting projects.

Donations  will be used to provide materials and resources for the establishment of vegetable gardens to improve community food security. These will be established at 16 Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Home-based Care (HBC) centres that Africa Foundation has helped establish and which support young and vulnerable community members.

Your contribution will help towards the following:

  • $10 / R150 will enable the purchase of 3 packets of high quality vegetable seeds.
  • $20 / R300 will enable the purchase of gardening tools, including spades, picks, hoes and rakes.
  • $50 / R750 will enable the purchase of ten fruit tree seedlings, enough to create a small orchard of mango, litchis and other fruit.
  • $250 / R3,750 will allow us to establish small shade house structures to protect seedlings from sun and hail.
  • $500 / R7,500 will allow us to purchase a water tank to support centres with existing rainwater harvesting.
  • $1,000 / R15,000 will support a the installation of a small rainwater harvesting system, consisting of gutters, a storage tank and a simple gravity based irrigation system.
  • $2,000 / R30,000 will support a full seed-water-food set up for an Early Childhood Development (ECD) or Home-based Care (HBC) centre to support food security. 

Please use the reference 'Climate Resilience Communities' when making a donation. Thank you for your support, it is deeply appreciated.

*Please note that if you are in the USA or UK it may be more beneficial for you to donate via Africa Foundation (USA) OR Africa Foundation (UK) for tax purposes - donations through this portal will be received directly to Africa Foundation based in South Africa.

USA: africafoundation.org/donations

UK: justgiving.com/africafoundation 

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    22 December 2021

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    29 November 2021

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