Nelson Mandela Day

You can make a difference this Nelson Mandela Day by donating cans of food or R67/£6,7 towards helping Goedgedacht feed children at our POP Centres and families in our communities with our canned food drive.

Nelson Mandela Day, celebrated on the 18th of July each year
, encourages us to take action and inspire change by dedicating 67 minutes of your day towards giving back to your community. This year however, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions in place in South Africa, we have to limit our contact with each other. Making it difficult for most people to still continue with their planned activity.

However, by donating R67/£6,7 or cans of food to Goedgedacht, you can still make a difference and #TakeActionAgainstPoverty.

For many children in rural communities, the meal they receive at school is the only nutritional meal they will get that day. With the schools currently closed for
their annual winter break, many children will go hungry. This is why Goedgedacht's POP Centres are stepping up and providing our children with a much-needed nutritious meal to help sustain them. Donations will also be used to help support local farm families in our surrounding communities who are struggling and in need as well.

However, we need your help to do all this!

Please consider a donation of R67/£6,7 to help us support those in need this winter.

For more information on where to drop off canned food, or donation enquiries, please contact our Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Robyn Kulsen, at

human services


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    24 July

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    13 July

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