Breaking behavioural studies and neurological research shows how learning to play a musical instrument, especially if begun in early childhood

  • enhances children's learning skills of maths and science
  • develops auditory, visual and motor skills
  • creates positive thinking patterns
  • capacity to solve problems
  • emotional intelligence and a drug/crime free adolesence.

The process of learning to play the violin together with children from all backgrounds creates relationships beyond social barriers.

All learners of ages 5/6 years have access to violin learning.

Since 2015 funding allowed for 120 children to play violin for at least one year. 2017 ended with 40 children who are playing and progressing on a daily basis.

Only 3 months of the learning process strengthens the brain functions in such a way to be of benefit in all other activities of learning.

Our dream is to offer this opportunity to more schools and to create a continuous wave culminating in a new generation of refined citizens.

The cost to sponsor a child's lessons per month is R650, while the cost of a violin is R1600.

Please consider sponsoring part of a child's fees and make a difference to South Africa's future.

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