Multiple Sclerosis Indigent Care Campaign

This Campaign seeks to make a difference in the lives of people living with MS, reaching out to those indigent members of the MS community who are vulnerable and struggling to cope and live positively with MS.

MSSA reaches out to the MS Community through dedicated social workers to assist these identified indigent MS patients, offering them a number of social services aimed at improving their quality of life.

Our dedicated team and social workers offer care to these vulnerable members of society, in a number of ways which include; counselling services, caregiver and PWMS support groups, referrals and guidance, grant assistance, wellness talks, national helpline, and advocacy and awareness.

This campaigns success will greatly assist MSSA Inland to help the MS indigent community to create an enviroment that is supportive and caring to their needs as people living with MS, without being ridiculed or victimised.

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  1. Jan Botha

    23 April 2019

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    24 January 2018

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1 Fundraiser project

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