a Registered South African Department of Social Development and Non Profit Organizations NPO, that assists homeless elderly sick who have no place to recuperate in post-hospitalization in state hospitals in far eastern state hospitals. Sadly most die on the streets as they default on taking their medication and that means that most are not even re-united with their families or distant relatives who might be searching for them. We hope to change this tragic trend by not only accomodating a certain amount of them at our centre, at a time ,but also to assist them in tracking their families and if they so wish to be re-united with them. We also prepare food parcels that we distribute to the rest of the homeless in our areas and we also assist them with donations of clothing and shoes when such donations are available. Without your continued love and support of our cause, we fear that this much needed services will be lost to them, as our own funding has now unfortunately been depleted.

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