How do we enable access to Yoga and Mindfulness programmes in at-risk communities?

Since January 2017, eduSOIL NPO has enabled access to Mindfulness & Yoga programmes for 195 children in at-risk communities in Alexandra, Kensington and Jeppestown, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The participating schools have been paying what they are able to afford since January. eduSOIL has made a bold commitment to the children in these year-long programmes (ending December 2017), while seeking funding and investment support for operational costs. We have kept our promise to our children since the start of the year, despite the funding challenges. Now, we need your help to continue these programmes until the end of the year.

Who are we working with in 2017?

Our 195 children are from the following schools & organisations located in at-risk communities in Johannesburg:

-Streetlight Schools, Jeppestown
-Kgololo Academy, Alexandra
-Belly Delly Day Care Centre, Kensington

How do we develop the Social and Emotional skills of young children?

We teach weekly yoga and mindfulness lessons that help these learners to:
-Increase attentiveness, metacognition & self-motivation
-Manage anxiety and impulsivity with greater emotional resilience
-Increase body-awareness & improve flexibility, strength, balance
-Develop empathy & self-compassion to reduce reactivity in difficult situations

Why is this programme needed?

Around 3 million children under the age of 6 face an increased loss of development potential due to toxic stress. As many as 8-11% of children and adolescents suffer from an anxiety that effects their ability to get on with their lives.


While ADHD is believed to affect 10% of the South African population & is prevalent in every ethnic and socio-economic cluster, and the Anti Drug Alliance of SA reports an overuse and misuse of Ritalin in SA schools & universities, there is limited access holistic development tools like mindfulness and yoga which promote mental and emotional health and wellbeing.


How can you help develop the Social & Emotional Skills of our children?

By donating just $13.25 per month for 5 months or one $66 donation, you can sponsor a child for the programme. Make a difference in our children’s lives!

Want to meet these lovely kids?

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