The Elephants Alive team have joined up with the Mike McMillan Nature Fund, Wildlifevets and Wild Skies Aviation to run, swim, cycle or fly to help rescue elephants. Please show your support for this team of dedicated conservationists by making a donation to raise funds for an "Emergency Elephant Rescue Fund”, to relocate runaway elephants.
As the drought exacerbates elephants, especially bulls, are breaking out of the reserves bordering Kruger, and trying to migrate westwards, crossing the highway towards the mountains where there is more food and water. Obviously this is causing conflict with landowners and farmers.
Elephants Alive desperately needs emergency funds to cover the costs of relocating the elephants back to the reserves. This is a costly exercise, involving helicopters, flat-bed trucks, vets and teams of helpers. See link for an example of one of our rescue operations.
If the elephants are not relocated, they risk being shot!
We will keep you updated on every mile of activity and are asking you to match each mile with 1$ or more! Leave us a note of encouragement with your donation and follow our progress on FB, Twitter and Instagram.
We dedicate this campaign to the trail blazers Wayne Lotter and Mike
McMillan who are with us in spirit and understood our concern for the elephants!

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  1. Laura Hannusch

    27 November 2018

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    27 November 2018

  3. Deborah Kent

    21 June 2018

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