Operation Matambu: African Elephant In Need

Matambu is a prime breeding African elephant bull in desperate need of surgical treatment for his failing eyesight. In 2013, a wildlife vet, Dr. Cobus Raath, noticed that Matambu would run into trees, and suspected an eyesight problem. The diagnosis was Superficial Keratitis, and Matambu is practically blind without the operation.

Matambu is quite an adventurous character and his name means “long legs” in the local Tsonga language. Elephants Alive monitor Matambu. They were one of the beneficiaries of the Elephant Ignite Expedition in 2016. Dr Michelle Henley is the Senior Scientist and Researcher and helped start Elephants Alive in 2003.

"Some people will think I'm pretty weird, but this elephant is the closest thing I have to a best friend. Nothing wrong with trusting an animal as much as you would trust a friend." — Josh Hibbitt with Matambu

Please help us save Matambu's eyesight?

When we do the operation it will help Matambu lead a normal social life with other elephants. We hope that you can help!

Photo: Christin Winter

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