Masks for Hospice Staff Providing Care during COVID-19

For R12 we can buy a triple layer mask for a hospice staff member. Those that purchase 10 masks for hospice staff (R120) will receive an uplifting note from our #SpreadingHope campaign. For every 50 masks purchased (R600) we will send you a HPCA branded mask.

All donations received will go directly to beneficiaries. Can you help us keep our essential health staff and their highly vulnerable patients safe?

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic hospices all around SA are providing a critical net of support and care for high-risk patients during the pandemic that will sweep our country for many months yet. Hospices are able to pay a significant role in relieving the burden on the country’s strained public health resources. As beds in hospitals increasingly become allocated for Covid patients, those with other life-threatening diseases will need to receive care elsewhere and our members are able to provide this, either through in-patient hospice units or through home-based support.

The services that our hospices provide are uniquely holistic, encompassing medical, psycho-social, spiritual and grief support to patients and their families. Across the country, our staff have also rallied in the fight against Covid-19 stepping in to assist with screening, testing and referrals for COVID patients. As the pandemic continues to spread in the months ahead the holistic support that hospices provide will be all the more relevant.

Our member hospices are doing all of this in extremely challenging financial circumstances and many hospice staff are already taking pay cuts. Nevertheless, our doctors, nurses and social workers  are showing up bravely every day. The least that we can do is help to keep them and their patients safe and, like so much else during these challenging times, this needs to be a collective effort. Your contribution, even the smallest and show of support would mean a lot to us! 



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    1 June

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    1 May

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