There are a variety of courses available to people from marginalised communities in the Helderberg area:

  • Basic ECD Course
  • Advanced ECD Course (which includes a Resource Kit)
  • ECD Business Course for Principals (which includes an Office Kit)
  • First 1000 Days Course
  • Teacher Enrichment Workshops
  • Best Nutrition Workshops (which includes a Cooking Kit).

Here is more information about these courses, as well as the course schedule for the year.

There are costs for venue hire, stationery and printing, refreshments, expert presentations (such as a nutritionalist or child psychologist), etc. Added to this are the costs for mentor visits to the ECD Centres we mentor - these are done twice a month. All donations to this campaign will assist us with maintaining this programme until March 2018.



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    3 September 2018

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    3 September 2018

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    2 September 2018

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