Mariska Goliath, who from a disadvantaged background in the Cape wine farming areas attended the Anna Foundation afterschool programme throughout her young school years. The Anna Foundation’s 3R’s sports programme provided her a base for her sporting ability. We are delighted to announce that Mariska has now been chosen to represent Boland Netball AND Boland Hockey Provincial 1st teams.

Mariska was also a recipient of the Anna Foundation Scholarship programme to attend Stellenbosch Primary in Grade 1 and has since continued to Stellenbosch High School. She is now 14 years old.

She has showed great skill throughout her school years particularly in sport and has developed her sporting ability to represent Boland Netball AND Boland Hockey Provincial 1st teams. Her strength of character plus the step up provided by the Anna Foundation has allowed Mariska to shine with her true colours.

Donate NOW: Mariska has been invited to play in the IPT (inter-provincial) Boland 1st hockey team that will compete in Potchefstroom in July (for which the cost is R9,000). The Anna Foundation is raising money for her to go, through a social media campaign on Mandela Day. Financial donors are invited to either donate R67, R670 or R6700 to support her. Thank you.

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