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Show your support and caring this Mandela Day - 18th of July for the special needs children of Iris House Children's Hospice. 

Iris House Children's Hospice provides respite care, therapies, support, training, and supplies to life-limited and life-threatened special needs children and their families in the Western Cape.

You can make a difference this Mandela Day by making a donation, selecting an item from our needs lists, or adopting a project at our hospice.

Needs List

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Tissues
  • Adult diapers - small, medium, and large sizes
  • Nappies
  • Warm blankets
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tinned Food
  • Rice
  • Boxed Milk
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Toilet paper
  • Handy Andy
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Washing Powder
  • Sta soft
  • Bleach
  • Dettol 

Our Mandela Day Projects

1. Paint murals on our hospice grounds walls - Items needed to complete the task - white paint for background -  purple/blue/green and yellow paint, paint brushes, thinners, masking tape, artistic flare - Size of Team suggested - This project will suit a team of 4 or more persons who are able to paint murals, PS we LOVE Superheros 

2. Paint our stables - items needed to complete the task - cream or beige outdoor paint, paint brushes, rollers, thinners, masking tape  - This project will suit a team of 4 or more persons. 

3. Update our sensory garden - Items needed to complete the task - plants, flowers with great smells, garden gnomes, ornaments, wind chimes, gardening equipment, and gloves. - This project will suit a team of six or more persons 

4. Update our staff tea room, items needed to complete the task are below. This project would suit a team of four or more persons 

1) 1x25 White Paint
2) 1x5lt Wood Varnish
3) 10x 3m Ceiling Board ( Rhino Board)
4) 10x 3m Half Rounds ( Pine)
5) 20 x Leaves of Sand Paper ( Different grades)
6) 2 x Paint rollers with Trays 
7) 1 x Set of Paint Brushes 
8) 2 x Packs of Drywall Screws

To book your project please email sue@iris-house.org

Thank you for caring.

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    17 July 2022

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