Lynedoch Valley Collaborative

The Sustainability Institute (SI), in partnership with Spier, have been providing weekly food, hygiene and education relief packs to over 400 vulnerable and at-risk families in the Lynedoch Valley (where both Spier and the SI are located) every week since the start of lockdown. With the extended lockdown period, we would value your support in ensuring that our community can stay safe, healthy and cared for during this time.

The crates each week have included fresh vegetables and eggs, home-made soup, dry food and soaps, as well as seedlings for families to grow their own greens at home and customised education packs for each child depending on their age and needs. Through the Lynedoch Valley Collaborative initiative, we have also been sharing information with all families on how to practice social distancing and hygiene protocols, as well as how to keep our immune systems strong.

With your support, we can continue to provide food relief and healthcare support to the families.

The SI is a registered non-profit trust with public benefit organisation (PBO) status, and can issue tax certificates for donations received.

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    27 July 2020

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    15 June 2020

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    6 June 2020

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