CURRENTLY 4/16 of our staff members have received sponsorship for their salaries. Our goal is to have every member of our staff obtain sponsorship and support. We won't stop until reach 16/16. Help us get there.

Where will your donation go?

100% of the fundraising and sponsorship we receive goes directly to our staff and the trainees to cover their costs of accessing training, work opportunities and the daily resources they need to become more independent.
Your financial support can be offered in two ways:

TRAINING [500 ZAR/ approx. $27USD]

A one-time donation will enable an extensive training period with an occupational therapist and facilitators for a new staff member. This will ensure that the staff member has the confidence and the foundational skills to succeed in a work environment.

SPONSORSHIP [1000 ZAR/ approx. $54USD a month]
Through monthly and annual sponsorship, your ongoing support will be a vital part of a young adult’s development. This financial support will allow our staff develop more financial independence and personal growth. It will also allow them to upscale their own goal skillset via specialized courses and education. 
Lucy G can offer Section 18A tax receipts for South African donors

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