Where will your donation go?
100% of the fundraising and sponsorship we receive goes directly to our staff and the trainees to cover their costs of accessing training, work opportunities and the daily resources they need to become more independent. It will also allow us obtain valuable tools to help our young adult staff develop their skills and build confidence. These could vary from a new user-friendly mini stove to make culinary skills more manageable, to computer voice-recognition software to help our staff develop their ability to grow as digital citizens.

Your financial support helps us in a variety of ways.


A one-time donation will enable an extensive training period with an occupational therapist and facilitators for a new staff member. This will ensure that the staff member has the confidence and the foundational skills to succeed in a work environment.


We are trying to provide the tools for our growing staff to become more skilled and employable for the local workforce. If they have the ability to train with the occupational therapists, university students, and volunteers at Lucy G, they will be better prepared for the expectations of their future integrated workplace.


Our previous campaign utilized the generous contributions of international and local donors to collaborate with six Cape Town organizations. These partnerships are really important. Not only do they introduce us to communities in need, but they also showcase the ingenuity and compassion that occurs when people work together. 

Lucy G can offer Section 18A tax receipts for South African donors

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