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To establish a Big 5 Wildlife reserve; based on a conservation economy, the generation of meaningful benefits to landowners and surrounding communities, and the conservation of valuable cultural and natural heritage.

Located in rural Zululand, south of the Black Imfolozi River, the Loziba region is one of the few areas left in the world which offers some 30,000 hectares of unspoilt natural beauty.

The Loziba Wildlife Reserve project was borne out of a need to protect a group of elephants at risk of being destroyed after breaking their fence and straying into community lands. Not only would the expanded Loziba Reserve offer refuge to this herd of elephants, but would serve as an ideal habitat for rhino– with the vision of creating a Rhino Sanctuary for both white and critically endangered black rhino.

  • Approximately 100 African elephants are killed every day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts.
  • More than 8,000 rhino were lost to poachers in the last decade in South Africa, with the tipping point (in which more rhinos are being poached than being born) fast approaching.
  • Elephants and rhinos are ecologically important keystone species and the ecosystems would suffer without them but are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation.

Loziba will be a 30,000Ha plus reserve, home to 30 + Black Rhino, white rhino, elephants, and a host of other species, in a landscape that is respectful, restorative and reflects the future of collaborative conservation, in an economy that builds the natural, social and economic capital for future generations.

What do we need funding for?

Game Capture & Relocation:
As soon as possible, we want to move animals from where they are at risk of poaching, neglect, over-crowding and human encroachment to Loziba where they can be safe and free.

Fencing, monitoring and patrolling are all part of the plans for keeping poachers out and animals in. Local communities, quite rightfully, get very upset by large and destructive animals wandering onto their lands.

Much of Loziba has been neglected and needs clearing of invasive species, as well as roads, eco-friendly accommodation and the laying of pipes and cables.

One of the best ways to conserve nature & wildlife is through the education of children and engagement with surrounding communities.

We need plans of many different kinds: From Site Development Plans to General Reserve Management Plans and Tourism Management Plans.

Land acquisition:
Utilising a phased approach, the ultimate goal of Loziba is a core 30,000 Ha wildlife sanctuary. Should you wish to invest in this conservation economy project, please consult our website, or contact us for more info.

The Loziba Wildlife Reserve project is being managed by a team of conservation experts, driven by Non-Profit NGO African Conservation Trust (ACT) as part of their Communal Wild Conservancies (CWC) initiative.
For more information visit www.loziba.com

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