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By Hannie Van Huyssteen

As a member of the speedo runners I am running to raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer in support of the Love your nuts foundation.

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By James Davis

How does a testicular cancer lump feel like? A realistic model of scrotum & testes with embedded cancer tumours for educational talks cost R 2500/each

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By Wessel Stoltz

Love Your Nuts (LYN) is a registered Section 18A, non-profit testicular cancer awareness campaign based in South Africa.


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By Willem le Roux

Running and making a difference is extremely rewarding. Running in swimming trunks draws attention to testicular cancer - a young man's disease!

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By Rudy Oliver

Running For a Ballsy Cause in support of raising awareness on Testicular Cancer.

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By Franco-Albert Kinnear

Testicular cancer is most common in the age group 15 to 40. The average age of testicular cancer patients is 33 years. Guys this is our age group and nobody ...

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By Wikus Roux

I’m raising money for Love Your Nuts Foundation, who do great work for a cause that’s very close to my heart. I realised that I am in the age group who are a...

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By Karl Weilbächer

Running marathons in #loveyournuts gear to show support for the cause.

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By Kuda Jinya

This year I run my first marathon but while that is an accomplishment, a greater achievement will be to raise awareness & fight back against cancer

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By Sj van der Walt

I love running, but in swimming trunks never crossed my mind until now. Now I want to do my bit to raise awareness while running my trunks off!

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