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By Tiaan Nell

C’mon fellow students it is our age group that is most affected by testicular cancer and most guys don’t know! Early detection is lifesaving!

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By Handre Lourens

Testicular cancer: Just because it is an "embarrassing place" it’s still not worth dying for! I run to save one nut at a time!

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By Karin Camara

Make a difference. Speak up. Talk balls... create awareness for testicular cancer. Save a life.

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By Guillermo Dowrie

Running in support of testicular cancer

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By Marianne Mohd & Mario Hendricks

Working in the medical/radiology field we see daily how many men are diagnosed with cancer! More awareness is needed that men detect cancer earlier!

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By Jason Gresak

Testicular cancer is most common in the age group 15 to 40. A very few men know this. I like to make to make a difference.

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By Renier van Eeden

I take a stand against testicular cancer that could happen to me and any other guys in my age group. If detected early survival rate is more than 96%!

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By Cameron McKay-Claassen

Raising money for testicular awareness - If you love them, check them!

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By Hans Moolman

Running in support of my friend, a testicular cancer survivor (1995), who is now doing critical work in creating awareness, and thereby SAVING LIVES!

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By James Davis

How does a testicular cancer lump feel like? A realistic model of scrotum & testes with embedded cancer tumours for educational talks cost R 2500/each

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