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By Sj van der Walt

I love running, but in swimming trunks never crossed my mind until now. Now I want to do my bit to raise awareness while running my trunks off!

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By Hein van Tonder

Running our nuts off for Love Your Nuts

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By Willem le Roux

Running and making a difference is extremely rewarding. Running in swimming trunks draws attention to testicular cancer - a young man's disease!

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By Willem Pieters

Running for testicular cancer awareness. A cancer most common in the age group 15 to 40!

education, cancer, capetown, marathon, running, health,

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R780 raised

By Handre Lourens

Testicular cancer: Just because it is an "embarrassing place" it’s still not worth dying for! I run to save one nut at a time!

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R500 raised

By Renier van Eeden

I take a stand against testicular cancer that could happen to me and any other guys in my age group. If detected early survival rate is more than 96%!

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By Ricky Asher

Love Your Nuts (LYN) is a registered Section 18A, non-profit testicular cancer awareness campaign based in South Africa.

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By Rudy Oliver

Running For a Ballsy Cause in support of raising awareness on Testicular Cancer.

cancer, marathon, running, testicular, nuts, loveyournuts,

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By Sheldon Rebello

Testicular cancer affects many young men, and while it can be treated, it needs to be detected early. I'm raising awareness through running.

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By Hannie Van Huyssteen

As a member of the speedo runners I am running to raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer in support of the Love your nuts foundation.

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