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By Harry Burger

Raising awareness for the cancer no one wants to talk about - Testicular cancer. Affects any male but prominent in 18 to 40 year old men!

70% Completed
R7,000 raised

By Mario Hendricks

Did you know it is the most common cancer in the age group 15 to 40? I didn't! Time to change the behaviour of men.

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By Clinton Meyer

Various Runs in a Speedo - Raising funds and awareness for Love Your Nuts and the fantesticle work they do

100% Completed
R4,152 raised

By Marianne Mohd & Mario Hendricks

Working in the medical/radiology field we see daily how many men are diagnosed with cancer! More awareness is needed that men detect cancer earlier!

education, cancer, capetown, marathon, health, testicular,

4% Completed
R200 raised

By James Davis

How does a testicular cancer lump feel like? A realistic model of scrotum & testes with embedded cancer tumours for educational talks cost R 2500/each

education, cancer, capetown, marathon, running, health,

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R100 raised

By Paisley Downing

Knowledge is power.

ctmarathon, pwdloveyournuts

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R1,300 raised

By Hans Moolman

Running in support of my friend, a testicular cancer survivor (1995), who is now doing critical work in creating awareness, and thereby SAVING LIVES!

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R100 raised

By Sj van der Walt

I love running, but in swimming trunks never crossed my mind until now. Now I want to do my bit to raise awareness while running my trunks off!

education, cancer, capetown, awareness, running, testicular,

31% Completed
R1,550 raised

By Hein van Tonder

Running our nuts off for Love Your Nuts

70% Completed
R700 raised

By Willem le Roux

Running and making a difference is extremely rewarding. Running in swimming trunks draws attention to testicular cancer - a young man's disease!

education, cancer, capetown, marathon, running, health,

7.5% Completed
R2,250 raised
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