love.fútbol brings communities together for a common cause: providing their kids a place to play. We engage and mobilize communities to create, reclaim and redefine their own soccer spaces as sustainable platforms for social change. We exist as a global movement to ensure access to play, passion and self-expression through The Beautiful Game.

Since 2006, local community members across Latin America, Asia, and Africa have dedicated over 70,000 volunteers hours toward love.fútbol projects where tens of thousands of children play every day. This past year, we reached 4,800 children from four countries. In 2018, we plan to double that.

You can be a part of this global community coming together to make this possible.

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  1. Haeju Jeong

    15 February 2018

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    14 February 2018

  3. Kia Sedghi

    9 February 2018

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