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Litoro Foundation 2020 Easter Donation Drive

Dear Litoro Foundation family and greater community

On the 31st of March, we received an email from Nomonde Tshamlambo, a woman who runs Likhwezi Educare Centre and Aftercare, with the distressing news that many of the children who attend the aftercare are stuck at home with little to no food. Nomonde has taken it upon herself to buy fruit and vegetables for some of her students who are struggling the most. The food supplies for a lot of her students are very scarce and she estimates that by the 9th of April many of them won’t have much at all. She also mentioned that giving these children easter eggs will help boost their sprites and give them faith that things will get better soon. 

The Corona Virus has already taken a devastating toll on South Africa and an even greater impact has been seen worldwide. The coming weeks will be incredibly tough on the majority of South Africans and we have decided that we should come together and try to make a significant difference where we can. Thus, we ask each and every one of you to please donate whatever you can to help Nomande and the students of Likhwezi Educare Centre. The money from donations will be used to buy much-needed fruits, vegetables, bread, tinned food, soap, toothpaste and easter eggs. Together we can make a difference in this community #STRONGERTOGETHER

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  1. Jenna Duffy

    4 April 2020

  2. Jenna Von Bulow

    4 April 2020

  3. Jenna Duffy

    4 April 2020

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