The standard of education in many communities of South Africa is resulting in high levels of functional illiteracy. At Lisika Unite Foundation we work with schools and community members to equip our parents and schools to improve the level of literacy and to better prepare our foundation and intermediate phase school children for their entry into senior phase.

The Lisika Unite Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on fostering education via our literacy skill development programme by offering an after school programmes in our local primary schools and at our centre for orphaned, vulnerable and at-risk school children in rural areas of Eisleben, Ramokgopa, Botlokwa in general.

Our goal is to uphold a child’s right to a basic education; no child should be kept from learning or engaging in community activities by hunger, menstruation or household food insecurity. To build a community where children have greater opportunity to live like children and social cohesion (Ubuntu) allows for child friendly society that helps them realize their full potential.

We are Eisleben’s only non-profit organization that offers educational programs through the One Book, One school, a nutrition provider and donating of educational toys (stationeries), school uniforms and sanitary pads through the #EazyPeriod. We pioneer lunch programs in Literacy Skills Development that
offer after schools care and education, in After-School homework assistance projects and learner skillsdevelopment programs. We want to also donate school uniforms, shoes, and reusable sanitary pads to disadvantaged children and offering motivational talks to secondary school leaners.

In support of these initiatives we have launched a literacy development programme called One Book, One school, in support of our educational development and breaking all those bearers to education.

The idea behind the ‘One Book, One school’ programme is to publicly encourage the reading of the same book in the community and all our participating schools, during a particular period of time, promoting the joy of reading.

This allows school members to read and talk about the same book at the same time, promoting the importance of
literacy and bringing the schools together with one common goal.
Our ideal picture for the educational programmes:
 Increased parental involvement in education.
 Improved community resources for developing reading and numeracy skills.
 Increased numbers of learners ready for senior phase.
 Increased numbers of Grade 3 learners competent in basic literacy and numeracy.

This programme will also help in the department of education spelling Bee national competition; as our purpose is to help students to improve their spelling, to increase their vocabulary, to learn concepts, and to develop correct language usage for a lifetime.

Lisika Unite will be rendering services from foundation, intermediary phase, and motivation to senior phase.

The other aim of One Book, One School is to equip young students with the skills of thinking clearly, speaking persuasively and listening to the opinions of others critically and constructively. It also enables young people to test and demonstrate their fluency in Sepedi (home language) and English (Second additional). We will also have the public speaking activities in this program that will help: – To provide young people with practical experience in the fundamental skills of public speaking; 

– To provide a focus for the learning of effective languages and
communication skills; and – To give students the opportunity to meet, exchange views and form friendship within the villages. And this can be archived without a doubt through the One Book, One School.

This programme will also host and engage in educational games like scrabble, chess, monopoly and etc. These games are intentionally designed for the purpose of education, or entertainment at the same time adding educational values. These games will help children understand concepts, learn domain knowledge, and develop problem solving skills as they play. And can help in getting more children involved.

For example, if we teach Scrabble to children, we are teaching them a game which builds vocabulary and word skills. When children become more interested in the words being used around them, it helps to build their language skills. And this game can help how to remember, write and the spelling of words.

Basically, this games especially Scrabble is a chance to get children interested in the English language, without telling them they're about to receive a word lesson. Most children are inquisitive by their very nature, so sparking interest in the English vocabulary and a reason to learn is important.

We are pleading to your organization to partner / supports or donation of money or books for children aged from 3 to 13 years, and / or any kind donation. We are currently partnering or receiving support from Nal’ibali, Fundza literacy trust,
Biblionef SA, Department of Education Limpopo and School Aid organisation.

Should your organization be interested in partnering or offer supports please reach out to us.