What is LevelUp?

LevelUp is an innovative mobile learning platform that enables high school learners to access contextualised learning material, academic and psychosocial support, as well as an incentive programme linked to rewards.

The ‘Classroom’ features free curriculum-aligned content from Grade 8 to Grade 12. To make it more interesting for learners, the academic content is presented in a discussion format with links to textbook pages and useful examples.

Life skills programmes are accessible in a practical step-by-step format to help learners achieve their goals in five comprehensive categories: Career, Creative, Health & Happy, IRL (In Real Life) and Get Ahead.

The ‘Advice’ section helps learners to find their feet during adolescence with must-know facts, guidance, and a comprehensive directory of support services in 6 useful categories: Love & Relationship, Alcohol & Drugs, Sexual Health, Family Issues, Growing Up and Mental Health.

The most ground-breaking feature of LevelUp is the ‘Daily Challenges’ that encourage learners to test their knowledge in exchange for tangible rewards like airtime, data and shopping vouchers. Learning and Earning has never been so much fun or so easy!

Where can I find LevelUp?

How YOU can make a difference:
To ensure that learners throughout South Africa continue to access the app free of charge, we're asking YOU to make a donation of R100 per learner per year. Your contribution will enable us to:

  1. Expand and improve the library of free academic content
  2. Sponsor incentives for performing learners
  3. Promote educational awareness to and engagement with the target audience

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