This campaign is to support the first phase of an Early Childhood Development Program, directed at Caregivers of Pre-schools and Crèches in the community of Du Noon. This phase focusses on the personal upliftment of these Caregivers by showing love and support;  building self-esteem; motivation and helping them set personal goals.  We aim to assist them in understanding their value to society, first as Women, then as Caregivers. The second category of these training sessions then progresses to teaching the actual Early Childhood development content.

Often the caregivers need the most support, and our goal is to motivate and encourage them towards fulfilling their purpose as individuals and as caregivers.  Without a committed and knowledgeable caregiver, children will never experience the positive outcomes of a quality early childhood education, which is the foundation for future success.

To effectively continue and build on our workshops, we require funding to cover the associated costs of running the program.