Leigh de Necker Robben Island Crossing SASC Fundraiser

Robben Island holds historical significance in South Africa. As a World Heritage Site, it represents the power of the human spirit and the freedom of South African people.

The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) is an organisation that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of Southern African sharks. Their research and conservation efforts do not only focus on the charismatic species in our waters, but they highlight the importance and significance of the smaller, endemic species too.

Robben Island represents the cultural diversity and resilience of South African people, while SASC represents the diversity and vulnerability of Southern African sharks. 

I would like to use the opportunity to combine my passion for swimming, with my love for sharks. 

I hope to raise awareness (and hopefully some funds) for an organisation close to my heart, by taking on this challenge in the Atlantic waters that surround my beautiful South Africa, and that holds all its magnificent sharks.

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  1. Julika Pahl

    23 November 2020

  2. Luís Silva

    14 November 2020

  3. Chris Edmunds

    12 November 2020

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