The Legacy Appeal

Maritzburg College Legacy Fund

Maritzburg College is an all boys' high school situated in the sleepy hollow of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It is a culturally diverse school with a focus on a holistic participation in academics, sports and social responsibilities. While it is well known for its educational and sporting achievements it has also nurtured some of our country's great minds including Alan Paton, author of Cry the Beloved Country.

The core values that every Maritzburg College boy strives to uphold are best summarised by past headmaster, Mr Raymond Fuller, as: “Truth, Courage, Kindliness and Manliness”.

Maritzburg College is not just a high school but a brotherhood forged on the fields, in the classrooms and dormitories through time honoured traditions and values; giving boys the ability to enter the world as confident upstanding young men of the community. Old Collegians continue to return to these hallowed grounds and hallways long after finishing school to rekindle the spirit and essence of their College Brotherhood.

What is the Legacy Fund

Maritzburg College and its Old Boys have realised the importance of their social responsibilities towards the local community in which they are situated. This has translated into an initiative to identify a boy of limited means or a disadvantaged background and help him achieve his full potential without fear of financial barriers.

The Legacy Fund is a full bursary designed to provide the necessary financial support for a worthy candidate to attend Maritzburg College.

The successful candidate must demonstrate values and initiative to take full advantage of the opportunities available in the classrooms and on the fields, to ultimately become an upstanding member of his community.

Legacy Fund Candidate for 2019

The Fund has identified a very worthy candidate in Sandiso Dlamini. He is a grade 7 pupil at Merchiston Preparatory School in Pietermaritzburg who already embodies the spirit and commitment and values of a College boy. Sandiso is from a single parent home and started by travelling 100km a day to attend Merchiston Preparatory School where in the short space of 18months has made great strides in academics and whole heartedly embraced the school ethos.

Sandiso recently achieved the schools highest honor, the “Blue Lion Badge” requiring all teachers and coaches to sign off that he embraces the school values and is an example to others.

View our appeal video interview with Sandiso.

Sandiso’s teacher Mr Clayton remarked: “Sandiso is the kind of learner that gives his heart and soul into everything, he even comes to all matches and supports teams even if he is not playing.”

Merchiston Sports Coordinator remarked: “He will be the last to leave and first to offer any help to any teacher, coach or parent…”

Merchiston Deputy Headmaster: “he is most certainly a worthy candidate for any support that he can be afforded.”

Sandiso is passionate about Maritzburg College, it is his only choice for high school and he regularly travels to attend Maritzburg College sporting fixtures on the weekend. We believe he embodies all the values and potential to make a great long term contribution to the community with the support of his Maritzburg College brotherhood. Please help us to support Sandison in his pursuit to become a College Boy and proud South African.

How Can You Help?

The Legacy Fund is administered by the Maritzburg College Foundation and relies on donations from Old Boys and the public, coupled with contributions from the School and Foundation.

Your contributions will go towards covering:

  • Full 5 year Tuition (R120 000 (US$9 495) per year as a boarder & R45 000 (US$3 560) per year as a day scholar)
  • Uniforms
  • Sports equipment
  • Excursions and tours

By helping to support Sandiso you will be giving a young boy of limited means the opportunity to not just dream big but to chase that dream and realise his full potential, all the time surrounded and supported by his peers, at a school he loves.

The best way to support Sandiso is to contribute towards this great initiative now.

Watch this space for further developments in the journey Sandiso is about to begin...



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