Lefika La Phodiso has created a unique approach to increase much needed mental health services using creative arts. Our centre in the inner-city of Johannesburg makes a difference by creating safe spaces for disadvantaged children who attend our creative arts programmes (Open Studio’s). These after school programmes takes place every afternoon and includes art counselling, art skills, a drama club and a literacy programme. We also host a holiday programme at our centre.
Over the years children at risk, children affected by violence, young offenders, HIV positive adolescents, refugees and teachers have benefitted from our programmes.

Lefika trains community members in Community Art Counselling and assist them to start their own Open Studio’s in their communities to create more creative safe spaces in as many communities as possible. The desire is to provide symbolic extended family structures in all communities that can unlock strength and resilience and thereby reduce violence and trauma; create stronger societal connections and ultimately a safer society.

Our vision is to build national capacity for empathy by training groups of Community Art Counsellors dedicated to psychosocial transformation

With this vision in mind, our mission is to enable groups to deal proactively, responsibly and empathetically with the issues in their own communities. This is achieved through the following two overarching objectives:

 1. To create safe spaces in which creativity and containment engender psychosocial transformation.

2.To facilitate community-based counselling programmes which also act as practical placement sites for trainees.

With your help we can extend our services to other communities in need. 

Visit www.lefikalaphodiso.co.za for more information

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