LEAP Science and Maths School have been hosting an Annual LEAP Easter Celebration for the past 17 years in the heart of Langa Township in Cape Town, South Africa.

The event takes place every year on the Easter Monday in the LEAP multi-purpose containers in Zone 17, corner of Walter Sisulu Street and Makhasane Street.

This well known event in Langa is for the children from  all over Langa Township. LEAP shares the Easter feeling and celebrates with them, as most don't even know what Easter is, and some in their homes don't get even the Easter eggs on the holiday.

The event exists by means of sharing the little we have with those who are less fortunate than us (Giving back to the community). We have been hosting  more than 300 kids every year.

We have an exciting programme for them that is always run by LEAP current and past students on the day. We serve all children with 2 hot cross buns, juice and an Easter pack with easter eggs.

We here plea for any donation that will enable us to host the above mentioned event for Langa Community sucessfully.

For more information feel free to contact:

Lungiswa Gwaai (Partnership Manager)



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    31 March

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    27 March

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    27 March

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