The orphaned children of the world are a major problem - 150 million orphan children. In our nation (South Africa) alone, we have 5.2 million and 12,000 are being orphaned every month.

The heart and hope of LIV Thokomala is to put a roof over every childs' head; give them a mother to love them, feed and educate them in a loving family so that they would walk in the destiny that is planned for their lives even before they were born.

LIV Thokomala has 12 foster homes around the country, all within communities, and care for 70 children ranging from 3 years to 23 years - they are homes for life.

#Leannes4LIV is an initiative started by 5 ladies from Durban - all named Leanne, who are passionate about creating awareness of the orphan crisis, and have selected LIV Thokomala as the beneficiary of funds raised towards the cost of raising these children to give them the best chance at a fulfilling life.

#Leannes4LIV are committed to various sporting events in and around Durban and hope to welcome partners in business, government and the church to see success in support of the orphans in our Nation.

Together, we can Rescue a Child, Restore a Life, Raise a Leader and Release a Star!

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    26 November 2019

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