Dear all,

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), Lapalala Wilderness and Tintswalo Lapalala are excited announce the Lapalala wild dogs project.

EWT recently rescued a free-roaming pack of endangered wild dogs after they entered into an area populated by humans, which immediately put the dog’s lives at risk. Not unlike the Melita pack we rescued and successfully released earlier in the year.

The Lapalala pack have been moved into a large enclosure/boma on Lapalala Wilderness, where they will be held for a few months to allow them to settle into the area and their new safe home.

We now need your help in raising the funds needed to ensure the continued health and safety of the dogs. Your donation will go directly to covering vet bills, tracking collars, feeding, etc, as well the continued monitoring the dogs once they are let out of the boma and into the Lapalala Wilderness area.

In addition, were able to leverage their passionate fan base to install live-streaming cameras in and around the boma, which will be available for viewing 24/7 on the company’s YouTube pages - PaintedDog TV and Live Bush Cams.

From everyone at the Endangered Wildlife Trust,

Thank you so much for caring and for your generosity!



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