Vuleka St Joseph’s The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Diocesan School for Boys was officially opened and blessed in 2016, opening its doors to Grade 0, Grade 1 and Grade 2 boys. The idea to open a school for boys was brought about by the need in our society to provide young boys with an opportunity to obtain a quality education that is affordable and help guide them on the path of manhood. There is concern that a boy child especially from poorer background, grows up with few positive male role models. Many boys come from single female-headed homes (At Vuleka, two thirds of our pupils come from single parent families, the vast majority being headed by mothers or grannies.) The Boys school project aims to bring up active, responsible and respectful citizens, actively involved in building their communities.

In addition to offering an engaging curriculum, specifically developed for the ways boys think and learn, our school activities include leadership training, community service, extensive creative and visual arts program, personal development programs(meditation walks and a gentlemen's club, focusing  on basic etiquette, greeting, grounds, grooming, and developing decorum and manners) and of course sports.

Three years in the running of our first group of boys in the different grades they have progressed into other grades. We are currently working hard at furnishing the Grade 6 class for 2020 and we need your help.

Our Grade 6 and 7 classes are currently empty and need to be filled with chairs and tables. Technologically we need two projectors and Laptops, textbooks and educational toys.  

With these two classes complete, we can continue giving our boys quality education and seeing them through a successful primary schooling. 



  1. Andrew Button

    10 December 2019

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