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Kalahari Endangered Ecosystem Project (KEEP)

There is unambiguous evidence that the global climate is changing rapidly in response to human activities. Historically, studies on the impact of climate change on biological species have typically focused on single species or single interactions between two species. However, species interact with each other in complex food webs, and are not all likely to respond in the same way to climate change. 

KEEP, which measures the vulnerability and responses of wildlife in the southern Kalahari to climate change, involves a multidisciplinary South African team that will elevate research beyond the single species level, and potentially identify links in ecosystems that are likely to become compromised with climate change. 

The insights gained from this project will lead to improved understanding of species responses to climate change, and ultimately allow for the implementation of appropriate adaptation strategies, conservation actions and management plans to conserve South Africa’s biodiversity.



  1. Eva Pexova

    9 January 2021

  2. Emma de Leiburne

    5 November 2020

  3. Anya Visser

    5 November 2020

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