Keep Dogtown Safe

South Africa's criminal element is out of control and animal shelters are not immune from their criminal activities. DogtownSA was robbed and the criminals stole their solar power which runs the farm.

We've spent hundreds of thousands on our security to keep our dogs safe and the one area where we went with walling instead of fencing is the area they broke in. We secured our areas at Dogtown as we built them, so the areas where the dogs are kept is secured but the rest of the 50 acre farm is open, giving criminals the space to hide and work on their evil ways. Up until now we haven't secured the perimeter in because it is just so expensive but after last nights robbery we have no choice and we are calling on you to help us keep our town of dogs safe and secure. Its heartbreaking that our beautiful country has to live in fear of crime. We require 1775metres of de-fence or clear-vu type fencing and we need to replace our solar power :( Please can you donate to help us keep our dogs safe and if you know anyone who could provide solar power or fencing get them in touch with Dogtown  -

We are just so grateful our dogs and our human family here at Dogtown are all safe and unharmed <3 but we a fearful that they were so brazen.

Please help us

Tracy and the Rescues of Dogtown 

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    24 February

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    24 December 2019

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