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K9 Unit Healthcare

The SAWC’s anti-poaching successes on the ground have increased exponentially in recent years. Our K9 Unit, combined with well-trained field rangers, aerial support and community engagement, makes for an innovative and successful four-tiered approach to countering poaching. Our on-leash and off-leash scent and detection hounds work well in a rugged and challenging terrain. Breeding and training ensure that they give 110%, whether it’s a training exercise or a live deployment. 

To perform at their best, it’s vital the dogs are kept at peak condition. The costs  of running this unit and keeping the team employed - especially given the impact of COVID-19 - are high. Medical aid for the dogs will bring down our vet bills while ensuring the dogs always have access to the best care. 

It costs just R4800 to cover one dog per year, and we have 30 Dogs. That means for R144 000, ALL our dogs are covered!

The College is appealing to as many people as possible to help by donating towards the required target. In lieu of a donation, you can show your support by becoming a fundraiser for the charity and spread the word and extend the reach of the campaign! 

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    Katie Nicolle

    R6,792* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
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    Lesley Diane Greyling

    R1,050 raised

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    Dianne TippingWoods

    R200 raised

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    29 December 2021

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    29 November 2021

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    29 October 2021

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