The core vision of Jrev is to reach the lost via the internet & online mediums as well as to help equip churches, ministries and individuals to evangelize and disciple others by using our content that is freely available. Fundamentally it’s an online evangelism and discipleship ministry aiming to reach the lost, but also a ministry that wants to support churches, ministries and individuals in discipling their members, friends and families  to become fully effective, mature and advancing the gospel in their sphere of influence.

Although our program has been inspired with millennials and Gen Z in mind in order to help them practically understand who they are (the 3 part make-up for the human being in the image of God), as well as how to practically connect with God. It also challenges and deals with mind sets and behaviors we find in these groups like complete independence, self-focus, entitlement, and instant gratification, (one of the reasons we find suicide and depression rates so high), we have had men and woman of all ages complete the program, which has resulted in transformation and a deeper intimate relationship with God.

Our content and program is being utilized by many of our partners including media ministries who have broadcast the audio versions of our program on air.

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