Jono Terblanche Ithuba Maths & Physics Memorial Fund

The Jonathan Terblanche Ithuba Maths & Physics Memorial Fund has been established in memory of the tragic and unexpected passing of Jonathan Terblanche on 27 December 2019 at age 23.

Richard Mabaso, founder of Imbumba Foundation and Trek4Mandela, has known "Jono" since Richard was 16 and Jono 3. Jono's mom, Samantha, had been actively involved in community development in the village of Luphisi, Mpumalanga, where Richard hails from and went to school. Through the years that followed, Jono, Samantha and Richard's lives were interwoven as they shared many experiences together while the two boys grew up and became men.

In 2007, the boys and Samantha travelled together to a community development project in the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. They encountered a massive storm and were forced to find shelter for the night in a rudimentary ranger’s hut at Charter's Creek. With no electricity and only polony and bread for supper, the boys entertained themselves swatting mosquitoes from their shared bunk bed and dreaming up schemes for the future, as they always did on these frequent road trips.

Jono suggested to Richard that he starts his own Trust, and they agreed it should be called the "Opportunity Trust". In 2010 Richard Mabaso established the Imbumba Foundation. Fittingly, "Imbumba" is a bean seed. It symbolises eternity and the unending cycle of life. It represents an eternal bond and because it has no beginning or end, constant growth through unity, the cycle of life, which is the whole concept behind a seed, being renewal and growth.

Jono unexpectedly passed away in December 2019. The bond between the two "brothers" is eternal. A gifted academic scholar in the fields of Mathematics and Physics, Jono was studying degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry.  He was also a passionate tutor since his high school days, who enjoyed sharing his gift to inspire others in the subjects he so dearly loved and within which he excelled. Jono had a quirky sense of humour.  He had an exceptionally broad general knowledge and interest in life and could converse with anyone on any topic that would make them feel at ease and noted in his presence.  He had a talent for explaining concepts, especially physics and mathematics, in a way that anyone could grasp, even teaching his grandmother algebra and his grandfather the theories of Richard Feynman, his favourite theoretical physicist who he emulated.   

This bursary fund has been established to honour his energy and passion and to assist worthy scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds to train in the fields of science and mathematics.  Friends and family are invited to contribute to the fund in lieu of flowers and to assist his family in honouring his memory.  The fund will form part of the Imbumba Foundation’s Vision 20/20 Education Programme.

*No administration fees or commissions are levied on contributions by the Imbumba Foundation. Section 18A tax certificates on request. International donations are possible via this platform.

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