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By Carika Burton

I am competing in the 5150 Nelson Mandela Bay - Ironman Triathlon and hope to raise money for this great cause whiles doing what I love.

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By Hiten Bawa

I am a bilateral cochlear implants user and I am cycling 94.7km on 18/11/2018 to fundraise for a cochlear implant surgery for a deserving recipient.

8.35% Completed
R16,700 raised

By Yvonne Penfold

Help us to give the gift of hearing to someone requiring a cochlear implant. Your donation will enable someone to hear again!

By Ashleigh and Nicole Bredeveldt

Bredeveldt twins, Ashleigh and Nicole, both cochlear implantees. After being blessed with 23 years of hearing, they decide to give back!

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R3,025 raised

By Yvonne Penfold

To raise enough funds in 2018 to sponsor one Cochlear Implant by asking for sponsorship for various race completions during the year.

run, deaf, cochlearimplant, hearing, runtohearsa, jcic

19.69% Completed
R39,380 raised