Lets get buzzing and supporting each other through pressing the pavements and leaving the dust to settle behind on our home turf of what has been an extraordinary and powerful year for so many in all ways, the good the bad and the challenging. 

If you choose to run for us you choose to run for the hope and the pure spirit of bereaved children. 

You choose to run for life because of death. 

You choose to run with purpose in supporting bereaved siblings to be encouraged to be who they need and want to be become as they carry their lost loved one in their heart always. 

You choose to run for laughter, light and a huge sense of belonging and connection. 

You choose to run for your own inner child as you feel the breezes through your hair and the as you begin to experience the atmosphere of belief and aspiration as you realise that each step you take is empowering and guiding children and young adults that have lost a sibling to begin to soften into their healing movement and process.

You choose and in turn we choose to continue the invaluable work we do in Jacinta`s Smile. 

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  1. Elaine Molloy

    9 June

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