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We, Iphepha for Pupils, are a non-profit company who provides stationery to underprivileged children whose quality of education is under threat, or has been affected, due to limited stationery supplies or total lack thereof. We are entirely dependent on donations, contributions and aid from generous people like you. 

All work is done by volunteers and all funds donated or generated goes directly towards relieving the burden of worried and concerned parents and pupils. The financial burden on pupils' parents has become so severe that children are unable to continue their schooling due to a lack of proper or sufficient stationery tools. The current estimated budget for a learner’s stationery supplies is approximately R600 per annum. 

“Iphepha for Pupils wants to help parents in need, by providing stationery for school children. We want to help pupils to focus on their work, by ensuring that they have the stationery they need to be able to engage with and participate in their education in a meaningful and empowering way.”

Any contributions will be greatly appreciated. Without the generosity of the public, it would be impossible to work towards our vision of a community where all learners have the opportunity to empower themselves through their education, without having to carry the weight of socio-economic concerns on their shoulders.
“Our vision is to invest in the education of young people by making their learning experience more positive and their school work less stressful.”

As of February 2020, since our establishment in April 2019, we at Iphepha have helped:

  • 7 Primary Schools
  • 2 Play Schools
  • 1 Children's Home
  • 1 Special Needs Therapy Centre
  • An estimated 400 identified pupils
  • 104 Educators in collaboration with the Strong Schools NPC

Please feel free to contact us at:
Facebook: Iphepha for Pupils NPC
Instagram: iphephapupils
Email: iphephapupils@gmail.com
Website: iphephaforpupils.com

If you wish to opt-in to receive a newsletter, please send us an email at iphephapupils@gmail.com .



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    18 March 2020

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