Invest in a church leader

The Warehouse's Sustainability Project is hosting a 2-day conference which will gather pastors and church leaders from across the Western Cape. Various geographical cluster groups have been initiated to commence the conversation on Sustainability. This conference is designed to join those clusters together and bring in various other stakeholders in the hope of broadening the conversation by creating a shared learning space which will help deepen the view of the local leaders.

A two-day workshop and planning event that will bring together 200 pastors and church leaders. The workshop will create shared learning spaces, encouraging pastors and church leaders to work together to create new systems of sustainability through dialogical learning methods.  Pastors and leaders will be encouraged to join a movement that will help them on a personal level, from financial to psycho-social support and further helping them to place themselves and their churches and neighbourhoods in the story of South Africa and the world.

Invest R250 to enable one of these pastors to attend the workshop.  

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