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Invest in a church leader

The Warehouse seeks to achieve its vision by inspiring, equipping and connecting churches to become a transforming and transformative presence in their communities effectively addressing poverty, injustice and division.

We envision that:

Church leaders, both lay and ordained, are being supported, cared for and mentored as they lead their churches in responding to poverty, injustice and division.
Churches and their members are being inspired to address poverty, injustice and division through relationships, opportunities, events and media resources.
In their response to poverty, injustice and division churches are changing their lifestyles and have been equipped with the theology, theory and tools to do transformation and advocacy work.
The church in Cape Town is being connected and networked across racial, economic and denominational barriers and with government and civil society initiatives in broader society.
The Parish of St Johns is responding to poverty, injustice and division in a manner that exemplifies all that we teach and desire for a local church.
The church is actively interceding for a just society and for people and initiatives that are working for this society.
Initiatives that address specific systemic issues facing the church have been researched, designed, modelled and implemented in such a way that the church is more effectively addressing poverty and justice issues.

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