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UPDATE 23 June 2022

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Friends it has been a difficult journey so far with many ups and downs. Our bodies are remarkable things and I am so glad I started this journey nearly two years ago. Thanks to your help I have been able to get through some really rough times, not sure sometimes whether I would make it. I have also been able to get critical information about underlying causes and begin treatment for things I did not know I was suffering from. I am now heading for the next phase of the journey and still need some help.

Asking for help is never easy. It requires laying aside pride and humbly coming and expressing our needs. I am however discovering that much of that pride is rooted in not believing that we are worthy of help. I certainly have felt in there are strong links between a lack of self-care and not believing I am worthy. Standing up and asking friends for help more than once has forced me to put myself out there and declare publicly a belief that in as much as we are all to care for others, what good is it if we do not care for ourselves.

One friend positively described a previous plea as shameless... in a good sense... a plea for help without feeling shame. I must admit, it did not always feel like that... it was hard, but I do dream of a world where we can all ask each other for help without shame.

So here I am asking again for some help, to continue this health journey to get my health back. As I do it I am asking you to stand with me as a fellow human and say to me "Nigel, you are worthy of love and care and health". As you say that, may something in you be affirmed and may we all live long and prosper.

You can donate using the GivenGain link or at these bank details:
Neighbours NPO
Mercantile Bank
Account Number: 1050797388
Branch Code: 450105
Swift Code: LISAJJZA
Branch Address: Mercantile Lisbon House, Ground Floor, Sandton, 2196
Please use reference: Nigel Health

With love and respect, Nigel


Cant wait to be getting better in my own bed!

And in other news... Trish Branken just received her two negative COVID test results in a row (we are on the vaccine trial so get tested every day after testing positive until we get two negative tests in a row).

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    7 July 2022

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    4 July 2022

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    1 July 2022

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