Thandi’s mother left her in the care of her grandparents, who abused alcohol, when she was just a toddler. A teacher noticed her and took her to a place of safety, Give a Child a Family (then called The Place of Restoration).

Thandi’s story is remarkable, in that she found a loving and caring foster mom, and Thandi could follow her dreams through music and art, as she knew she wanted to be a musician one day.

Today, Thandi Draai is a Music Producer, Vocalist DJ and Songwriter! She is the first woman in South Africa to release a self-produced EP with her previous Down on Me & Ingozi EP and recently was a guest on Channel O’s Lockdown House Party and Africa Is Not a Jungle Online Edition.

Thandi wants to give back to the children at GCF and created the HOPE 4 TOMORROW campaign for this purpose.

Your donation will contribute towards a child’s nutritional, therapeutic, educational and medical costs at GCF’s Child and Youth Care Centre, as well as re-integrating them to their families or foster families.

Thank you for your contribution in making a difference and bringing #Hope4Tomorrow! 

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