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Much of the wildlife in Tanzania spends over 60% of their time outside the national parks on community lands. Where we work in northern Tanzania, over 1000 elephant regularly move outside the national parks into these community rangelands. In Africa, People and wildlife are interdependent and local communities need help to secure a future in this dynamic environment.

We believe that change is driven by communities taking ownership of their future and shaping it in their vision. This means that we not only think that communities can run their own conservation areas—they need to. We empower communities by building up their in-house capabilities to run community-protected areas in an effort to achieve sustainability across three dimensions: financial, environmental, and social.

Join us and support these community-based conservation initiatives across nearly 1.2 million acres of wilderness in Tanzania. Honeyguide works with communities across five program areas—enterprise development, management & governance, communications, human-wildlife conflict prevention, and wildlife & habitat protection—to advance sustainable practices in local conservation. These programs are interlinked, supporting, and depending on each other to create robust, fully functioning community-protected areas.

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