Access to water continues to affect thousands of people in South Africa. The burden of collecting water from communal taps or streams falls primarily to women and children. The task reduces time available for housework, growing crops and pursuing economic opportunities. It steals a child of time spent learning or playing. 

To alleviate many of these struggles the innovative Hippo Roller was created.

Able to transport 90 L of water in one journey, the barrel has a handle for rolling, removing the need to carry the weight. With two mechanisms for pouring water, the Hippo Roller is practical for decanting water to cook and clean, and can be a tool for irrigation on small farms. The lid has a tight seal which keeps the stored water free of contaminants.

The impact is simple yet astounding: Transporting more water in one journey results in more time for education, economic prosperity and improved health.

Africa Foundation, in partnership with Hippo Roller and andBeyond, have identified 500 households in the rural communities near to Kruger National Park, in water scarce Mpumalanga, South Africa, whose lives would change dramatically, simply through the gift of a Hippo Roller.

One Hippo Roller costs $200 / R2,800.

Can you help us to achieve the goal of 500 by February 2020?

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  1. Roxane Finaughty

    9 December 2019

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    5 December 2019

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