1. Ignatius Davids 5 June 2019

    Wow Donna this is such amassing news, if you would like I have more footage and pictures on the Hippo Water Rollers for Otjiwarongo woman. Thank you again Ignatius

  2. Ignatius Davids 29 May 2019

    We hope to make 10 December Namibian Woman's Day memorable for 50xlocal woman in Namibia. Please open your hearts and wallets and fund them to receive this live changing Hippo Water Roller. Enough is enough with this inhuman 20lt paint containers collection methods for household water use, lets help them roll their water....


  3. Ignatius Davids 24 May 2019

    I am wholeheartedly grateful for the support and donations that have been raised for 50xHippo Water Rollers in the community of Otjiwarongo thank you every one for your funding. Ignatius Davids


  1. Lesley Paul

    12 March 2020

  2. Anne Marie Burke

    11 March 2020

  3. Tamara Schenekar

    7 March 2020

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