50 Hippo Rollers for Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Namibia is an arid country that is regularly afflicted by droughts. Large rivers flow only along its Northern and Southern border, but they are far from the population centers. 

Most urban residents have access to drinking water supply, but access lags behind in rural areas. Access to water in rural areas are commonly through communal taps. 

Residents of an informal settlement in Otjiwarongo, Namibia still have to walk to collect water for their houses from these taps:

  • The distance to the communal water taps are not necessarily the issue, but the methods and means used in the collection of water is the biggest challenge. 
  • The most common methods of collecting water is in 20L paint buckets, one household would use about 4-5 of these 20L buckets to go and collect water. 
  • Woman and children are the ones that will be the ones to go and collect and carry the 20L buckets.
  • What makes it more challenging is that most of them do not own wheelbarrows, which could help with the load in having to carry the 20L buckets full of water.
  • It is very difficult for children, pregnant woman, and those that have babies on their backs. 
  • Medical issues are not to be ruled out for the young and elderly woman especially lower back pain and knee issues later in life.

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