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Helping free roaming cheetah and leopard

The Cheetah Outreach Trust not only places livestock guardian dogs on farms in the Limpopo and North West provinces but also assists farmers with any issues they have with any predators.

The livestock guardian dogs act as deterrents to predators and the livestock remains safe while the predator roams freely and reverts to preying on its natural prey. Every now and then there are some issues with predators e.g. a leopard that is moving too close to a settlement and may injure inhabitants. In such cases, a trap is set and the leopard is then moved to an area where it will not come into conflict with humans.

Our field officers are on call 24/7 to assist and advise livestock and game farmers and when necessary transport - with the correct permits - a predator to a safer area. This all takes time, fuel, possible veterinary bills, etc. and we are asking you to help the Cheetah Outreach Trust in covering these costs. If these predators are not helped - they could end up being shot, injured in inhumane traps or poisoned.

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