Cycle of Life - Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

The Cycle of Life  felt that something more had to be done urgently to save our rhino from extinction, and as an avid conservationist, Simone and Rene decided to participate in the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour (86k Peninsula route) to raise funds for anti-poaching efforts in KwaZulu Natal. What started as a once-off charity initiative within the Cycle Tour event, with only six participants, grew in 2018 to 100 like-minded cyclists representing The Cycle of Life and raising funds for the cause, receiving registration as an NPO in Germany, with a branch in South Africa.
Funds raised have been used for various projects in the Northern region of KZN, including many rhino dehornings (as at Sept 2018), the purchase of surveillance equipment, anti-poaching guarding equipment and vehicles used by the anti-poaching unit. Injured animals have received medical attention using these funds too. Young animals at the neighbouring rhino orphanage also received medical treatment and feed was paid for with funds raised by The Cycle of Life.

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    Simone Godfrey

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    Mikey Ford

    €383 raised

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    Paula Wilson

    €20 raised

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3 Fundraiser projects

Riding to dehorn a rhino and save a species

By Paula Wilson

Help me save a species by sponsoring me to ride 109km CT Cycle Tour Sun 10 March. Riding to raise...

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€20 raised
€3,000 Target

Bishops Diocesan College Cycles for Rhinos

By Mikey Ford

Help us and the next generation and the next generation experience live rhinos

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€383 raised
€2,000 Target
218 DAYS

Simone and James Big 5 0hhh..!

By Simone Godfrey

We are committed to helping save our rhinos

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€400 raised
€3,500 Target
126 DAYS