Help us assist Rare Patients access their medical needs.

Many Rare Disease patients struggle to access appropriate healthcare services, which will result in improved quality of life.  

As a Non-Profit Company, aimed at creating policy changes for all those impacted by Rare Diseases across the country, we have started implementing affordable case management services to assist patients needing urgent assistance with their medical cases.

For medical aid assistance, we have 2 options:
1) Option of all inclusive service billed monthly at R270 per month over 12 month contract period paid via debit order.
This service includes the following:
- Value added reminders for regular uses: ie – script renewals, authorization renewals and notices of changes to any benefits
- Chronic Medication / PMB applications, Ex-gratia applications, Hospital admissions,
re-authorizations, and claims processing.
- Full time brokerage support via our registered brokerage firm to assist with financial and scheme membership queries, life insurance, gap cover etc
- Full time internal administrator (Nomsa Dlamini) available to members during working hours
- Improved emotional support offerings via support group networking 

2) Ad-hoc support per query which can be purchased on our website at a fee of R300. This option will provide the patient with a suggested way forward based on our experience and knowledge, but will not include the administrative function of handling the query on their behalf with the scheme 

Knowing that almost all our patients are financially extended already, and mostly unable to afford to pay for these services, we have developed an supplementary programme whereby patients can raise funds for our organization by registering on this fundraising platform, and by doing so, waive their service fees by fundraising to equal value of the services required.

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    10 March 2020

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