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Help the Children of Nyanga

Over the holiday period Inkwenkwezi Childhood Development Centre in Nyanga suffered a break-in which saw them lose everything they need to keep their doors open! This is a time for us to rally together to show our love for a vital part of The Justice Desk Family!

Inkwenkwezi translates to 'star' but it means many things to many people, it is a:

✔️Safe space for many of our Mbokodo Project survivors in Nyanga

✔️A dedicated, committed and dynamic school for young children

✔️ A beacon of hope for children, parents and the wider community of Nyanga

✔️The heart of Nyanga

As Theodora, Inkwenkwezi's Principal, said; "ECD’s can no longer be left behind, they are the foundational building blocks of our country!

Community empowerment is a core component of what we do as a human rights organisation and we believe that in order to empower our communities that we work with, we need to show up and extend our support!

We believe in the power of everyday people uniting together to create change and make an impact! 

If you would like to know more please email cdo@justicedesk.org!

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  1. Kayla B

    25 January

  2. Gail Moriarty

    24 January

  3. Shea Moriarty

    24 January

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